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Know one should have to feel like they're on their own!
Meeting Rooms
For those occasions a call or email just won't do!
Virtual Services
Gain more custom by appearing bigger!

About Globe WorkingWe're more than just a desk!

Here at Globe Working we understand that people work differently, as such we offer a number of different solutions to help you get the best out of your working day. Whether you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, high growth or established company, startup founder or service provider, Globe Working provides the ideal environment for you and your business to thrive. Get work done, keep the team happy, be part of a community and find clients, partners and friends alike.

Our SpaceModern office solutions.

PricingExplore our pricing options

Meeting Rooms
From £5.00 / person
  • Private secluded rooms
  • Presentation equipment
  • Catering provided on request
  • (additional charges apply)
Permanent Desk
From £9.00 / day
  • Utilities/Rates
  • Own private desk space
  • Private secure locker
  • Superfast wi-­‐fi
  • And more!
Coworking Space
From £7.50 / day
  • Utilities/Rates
  • Access to events (coming soon)
  • Superfast wi-­‐fi
  • Printing available
  • And more!

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Phone: 0161 339 3933
Email: Info@globeworking.co.uk

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